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So here's the scoop on these..

Many years ago a group of tree climbing scientists started to do research in the large redwood trees in Mendocino county California. Their tree research focused on the various eco-systems that exist in the canopy of these gigantic trees and these scientists had to climb all the way up to the canopy heights to to their work.

As you probably know, these trees are very tall and just to get up to the canopy can be anywhere from 100 to 200 feet up in the air. This of course takes a lot of energy to climb and once you get up there.....you don't want to come down unless you absolutely have to!

So these guys tried various ideas to make life and working conditions up there more pleasant. They tried wood planks (to heavy) hammocks (to flimsy and not stable) and finally they came up with the prototype of the "TreeBoat"

Well over the years the tree boat design has been refined and perfected to what you see today. These boats are hand made in Grants Pass Oregon by New Tribe. Believe me, these things are bomber tough!

This version incorporates all the benefits of a hammock, but with tons more versatility. Once you rest in one of these you will be hooked. The Tree Boat holds you very securely inside without wrapping around your sides like cheap hammocks. The secret lies in the fiberglass spanners that are sealed in the ends of the Tree Boat. These keep everything nice and open.

So now these are available to the general public for use in your own part of tree camping heaven. You may not have a 200 foot tall red wood tree in your area, but a lot of people who enjoy tree climbing have incorporated the Tree Boat into their climbing and simply love them....

Here are some of the specs......

  • Super stable
  • Very tough and wear resistant
  • Able to be pitched or suspended like a normal hammock right off the ground or as high in the tree as you can get!
  • 6' 6" long and 30" wide
  • 4.6 lbs
  • Multiple attachment plastic "D" points around the long sides to attach bags and stuff.
  • Includes two nylon webbing rigging straps - one 15' long and one 20' long
  • Stuff Sack Included!
  • Dark green color
  • Made in U.S.A

Rigging one of these up is very simple. Each corner has a steel ring that you can rig directly to using webbing or a carabiner. In addition, the ring has a stitched webbing section with a stainless steel cam buckle that allows you to use the included long webbing strap to wrap around and attach to the tree.

This combination of methods allow you to level the Tree Boat perfectly no matter what type of tree configuration you have presented to you. As you can see in the photo above, our shop manager Shawn has his boat attached to some tree limbs and is using the webbing that comes with the tree boat to perfectly balance and level the Tree Boat. The dark green and black straps blend in with the tree. If you pull your ropes up and hang them off the Tree Boat you probably won't be seen from the ground.

Take it from me, tree camping in one of these is one of those things that is extremely fun. Just being up in the tree and enjoying that environment is an experience you won't soon forget!


Climbing in trees requires special skills, training and the right gear.

If you don't have all three of these then don't do it!!!! You can get hurt or killed if you don't know what you are doing....

Product Reviews
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