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Yale Cordage Tubular Fids
Yale Cordage Tubular Fids
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Yale Cordage Tubular Fids

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DescriptionSolid Aluminum - The best on the market
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These are the tools that are used to make an eye splice. An eye splice is nothing more than a loop on the end of a rope. The fid allows you to do this. Each rope requires a specific size fid. For instance, if you plan on splicing 1/2 double braid nylon, then you would need a 1/2 fid.
  • Designed primarily for double braid nylon or polyester ropes, but can be used for 16 strand arborist or hollow braid ropes like Tenex or Tenex TEC.
  • Anodized coating allows the fid to slide easily past rope fibers.
  • Clear etched markings for short fid length, and size of fid on each fid.
  • Strong solid aluminum with smooth rounded nose.
These are great tubular fids, and really set the standard in the industry, they are our personal favorite in our splicing department.


The tubular fid is an integral part in splicing double braid ropes. The fid servers a couple of purposes. First, it is used as a crucial measurement tool to determine exact points in the rope where specific actions and procedures need to take place. Second, it provides a device for the rope to be attached to as you stuff the rope back into the core and the core into the jacket.

At first glance it might appear that an eye splice is just as simple as tucking the end of the rope back into the jacket and you're done. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. There are many specific steps that need to take place in order to put a safe and strong splice in the end of a rope. To complicate things even further, some, Splicing is an art you can learn, but it does take some time and practice. Many have called splicing the pinnacle of knot tying. If you love working with rope, and invest the time to learn, then splicing is a very rewarding and useful craft

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