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#8 White Whipping Twine

#8 White Whipping Twine

SKU: 0928
Weight: 0 lbs 4 ozs
Brand: Marlow
Description#8 white whipping twine
Product Details
This is a product called whipping twine and it is used to wrap the ends of rope to keep them from becoming unraveled. The wax on the twine provides two big benefits. First, it allows the twine to pass through the rope nice and smooth, and secondly, the wax on the twine allows the final whipped assembly to sort of "weld" together and hold tight when you are done.

This is some real nice stuff, the best we have seen.

  • Only one color choice here - white
  • 75 feet on a spool
  • This size is best for ropes in the 3/4 to 1 1/2 range. Anything bigger would need either a #16 twine.
If you are going to be whipping arborist ropes (like the 16 or 24 strand rope) then use the #4 whipping twine.
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