8 Strand Nylon Rope

8 Strand Nylon Rope

Great for anchor lines.

People that know about 8 Strand Nylon are aware of it's greatness. Others will want to learn what a convenient addition this rope can be to their boat.

The difference between 3 Strand Nylon and 8 Strand Nylon is most apparent when it's hauled on deck. Because of it's construction, the 8 Strand Nylon will take up far less space than 3 Strand. It lays more compactly in your locker or bag and will use about half the space of the same amount of 3 Strand.

Typical applications include:
  • Anchor lines
  • Windlass

Want an eye on the end of you 8-strand nylon rope? Be sure to check out our custom splicing page and let our professional splicer how you would like them done. Splicing your rope, rather than tying a knot, is the strongest and safest way to create a loop on your rope.


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6,400 lb. Average Tensile Strength
11,000 lb. Average Tensile Strength
17,000 lb. Average Tensile Strength