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Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.
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Bullet Throw Weight - 8 oz.

SKU: 229
Weight: 0 lbs 8 ozs
DescriptionThrow bags with ADDED LOOP ON BOTTOM.
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Product Details
These are throw bags (aka "throwballs"). If you are an experienced arborist OR recreational tree climber you know all about these things....

If you are not, and want to know what these are and what they do you have come to the right place.

Throw bags are pretty simple, they are designed specifically to attach throwline to and then tossed up into a tree and over a limb. Once you do that you can attach your main rope (climbing rope or rigging line) to the tail end of the throw line and pull it up to the tree.

So when you see arborist climbing around in a tree, and you wonder how they get the rope up there.... this is what they use.


We stock two different kinds of throw weights.

BULLET THROW WEIGHTS"Standard" Throw Weight

*More aerodynamic* Good quality
*Have attachment at bottom for extra caribiner* Gets the job done
* Generally seen as the premium throwbag.

As the owner of Knot & Rope Supply, If you want my opinion, get yourself one Bullet Throw weight and one regular one. Put one on each end of your throwline. Use the Bullet weight to throw, and the other weight on the end to keep it from leaving the ground as the other weight sails through the tree.

I personally throw a 12 oz weight and keep a 16 oz. on the other end. This way when you need to manipulate the line through the tree, the heavy weight on the other end helps pull through any

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