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Cotton Rope Assortment

Cotton Rope Assortment

SKU: s0022
Weight: 11 lbs
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
DescriptionCotton rope only, various lengths and diameters.
Product Details
Last week we cleaned up the shop area and had a lot of shorts of cotton rope laying around, so we decided to make up some of our very popular assortment boxes containing ONLY cotton rope.

This rope is the real deal... 100% cotton, no polyester or nylon fillers.

Perfect for:
Here is a sampling of just some of the sizes and lengths we put in these boxes:
  • 3/16 cotton, from 100 - 300 feet long
  • 1/4 cotton, from 30 - 100 feet long
  • 3/8 cotton, from 30 - 120 feet long
  • 1/2 cotton, from 20 - 60 feet long
  • 5/8 cotton, from 20 - 60 feet long
It's like playing the lottery, but everyone is a winner!

Just remember, these are non-returnable, what ships is what you get to keep.

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