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Rope Assortment
Rope Assortment

Rope Assortment

SKU: S0001
Weight: 20 lbs
Availability: Typically ships within 11 days
DescriptionRope assortment - LIMITED QUANTITY!
Product Details
Here at Knot & Rope Supply we ship a lot of rope out all over America every single day.

During our daily production we occasionally end up with odds and end short sections of rope. For years, these short sections of rope have gone up front to our retail store for our local customers to come in and pick from. Our local customers who need this rope love it since the rope is priced for next to nothing, so it is a fantastic deal.

Well we have finally figured out a way to allow all our other customers all over America to get the same savings and access to this rope that our local guys get.

By purchasing this box of assorted rope you will get one box shipped to you containing a wild and unique assortment of rope.

Here is how it works......

Each box will contain various sections of rope from our shop, the lengths will vary from no less than 10 feet to typically no more than 150 feet.

The rope types will vary and could be any of the ropes we have here.
- Plenty of Cotton Rope of all types
- Solid Braid or Double Braid Nylon
- Arborist Rope
- Manila Rope
- Any of the accessory cord
- Bull Rope
- etc. etc.

The point is that each box is going to be a grab bag of various stuff, and you don't know what you are going to get until you open it. You may end up with a dud but there will be a nice assortment of rope in there, so something will be perfect for you.

For the money, you can't beat this!

This item is ideal for the following type of person:

- Crafter
- Outdoorsman who needs various sections of rope for odds and ends
- Boaters (you might get some real gems of sailing running rigging in here....)
- Arborist
- Hoarders

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