Rope Ladders

Rope Ladders

Rope ladders can have a lot of different uses. Whether you are looking for a ladder for your boat or for your kids to get up and down from their tree house, Knot & Rope Supply has all of the parts to create the perfect rope ladder.

By using a double braid rope or a solid braid rope along with the ladder steps featured below, you do not have to compromise on color or length. Please feel free to call us at
(800) 548-1586 is you have any questions.


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These are rope ladder steps. All you need to make a ladder is some 1/2" rope, a Phillips screwdriver and as many steps needed to make the desired length ladder. Works best with 1/2" solid braid nylon or 3/8" double braid nylon rope.
4,900 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength
$0.47 - $0.53
4,000 LB. Breaking Strength
Available per foot or by the spool
Spool Size: 500 ft.
2,415 Lb. avg. tensile strength