Solid Braid Nylon Rope

Solid braid nylon rope is an affordable choice for many applications. Do you have Boy Scouts that are learning to tie knots? Look no further. This rope is also great for crafts, clothes lines, pulling water out of your well with a bucket, tying your canoe to the dock, you get the idea. There's not a general use for rope where solid braid nylon won't fit the bill.

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1/8" Nylon Solid Braid x 1000 ft

400 LB. Breaking Strength
1,000 Spool

3/16" Nylon Solid Braid

750 LB. Breaking Strength

1/4" Nylon Solid Braid

1,100 LB. Breaking Strength

3/8" Nylon Solid Braid

2,500 LB. Breaking Strength

1/2" Nylon Solid Braid

4,000 LB. Breaking Strength

5/8" Nylon Solid Braid

6,000 LB. Breaking Strength