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Throw Line Bucket Bag
Throw Line Bucket Bag
Throw Line Bucket Bag
Throw Line Bucket Bag
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Throw Line Bucket Bag

SKU: 1048R
Weight: 2 lbs
DescriptionCool bucket type bag that collects and dispenses your throw line with ease. The bag is collapsible but features a firm plastic collar that won't close up on you at the job site.
Product Details
If you have throw line you have undoubtedly wondered how you store the stuff.
Well fear not, we have the answer for you!

First off, throw line is designed to be flaked and stored loosely in some sort of container. It IS NOT designed to be spooled up after each use, that just takes to much time and defeats the purpose of how throw line is used.

This back allows you to flake in all the throw you need and store it safely. In fact, this cool bucket has extra separator panels that allow you to store more than one throw in it.

Along the sides, there are pockets to store the throw weights and a solid rim at the top to keep the bag open.

This is a professional grade item designed for maximum protection and use of throw line and throw weights.

Constructed from 1,200 denier polyester, this bag will hold four various bags and throw lines.
Handy separators are included to ensure lines will not get tangled.
Measures 12" in diameter x 8" high
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