Vortex Hot

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Description1/2 inch size, the big brother to Velocity.
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This is a new rope from Samson that is designed to give arborist climbers the best of two worlds.

Vortex rope is a 1/2 diameter rope that builds that is very soft and supple. This rope is easy to tie knots in and easy to splice.

For anyone who wishes that Velocity rope was a little larger, then this rope is for you.

Strand Count:
24 Strands
Red, Orange & White
12.7mm (1/2")
7.6 lbs per 100ft
Tensile Strength:
8,800 lbs (4,000 kg)

Elastic Elongation figures

10% of Breaking strength
3.% Stretch
20% of Breaking strength
5% Stretch
30% of Breaking strength
6% Stretch


What is the difference between Vortex and Velocity?

Years ago Samson rope came out with a great 24 strand climbing called Velocity. It came in two types, one was called Velocity Hot and the other was called Velocity Cool. They are both the same rope, the only difference is that the "hot" color is a red and orange color, and the "cool" is a blue and green color, otherwise they are the exact same rope. The rope became known for a few things:

  • Nice tight feel, but somewhat smaller sized in feel compared to other similar ropes.
  • Unique waxy coating that was applied at the factory. Some guys like this, some don't.
  • Toughest 24 strand rope to splice.
  • Doesn't fuzz up with use like other 24 strand ropes (Blaze, Tachyon, Blue Moon, etc.)

Velocity has lots of die hard fans that really love it, Frank Chipps set a world record foot lock time with this rope, so it got a lot of good press from that. Even though it is technically a 7/16 rope, it feels smaller than that, so a lot of guys like the lighter weight, slim down feel of this rope. Sort of a more minimalist thing.....

Anyway, this rope comes from the factory with a waxy coating. I say waxy, but it isn't like candle wax, just a "grippyness" that is pretty cool. Again, some guys like that, some don't. Velocity is also a tough 24 strand rope to splice, even when it is new. It does make a great splice, it just takes a bit longer to do, but the results are pretty nice.

Personally, I have a 150' section of this that I use and it isn't bad. For me, it makes a great summer time rope, a nice hot day with a lot of fast movement through the tree and bailout hitch cord works great. In the winter I prefer a little larger rope like a 16 strand rope since I'm wearing gloves and moving slower anyway.

Fast forward to November 2011 when Samson started shipping Vortex. Vortex is a rope that looks very similar to Velocity with a few main differences.

First, the Vortex is a lot bigger compared to Velocity. Vortex is a 1/2 size and you can tell once you start climbing on it. Secondly, they got rid of the waxy feel, so this one is just clean and supple. They also did a color blend pattern.

So this little info piece on Velocity hopefully will explain some of the differences between Velocity and Vortex. If you have any other questions we didn't answer here feel free to call the arborist rope exports here at Knot & Rope Supply. Our number is 419-873-8300

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