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"Completely Satisfied"

on 12/25/2016 1:37:54 PM

Write your review here: Thank you for your prompt service. All splices are perfect and the whipped ends are great! Quality of product is what I expected, but the speed with which I received it, was appreciated! Thanks again.

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What are you using this item for? Oday 272 LE

"Old world service"

on 5/20/2016 12:23:55 PM

Write your review here: I have made several purchases on the Internet. Most of the time things don't go exactly how you expect. My experience with this company has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the product and service is truly top notch. I would highly recommend this product and this company. I will be a repeat customer. Rex

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What are you using this item for? Dock lines for a yacht

"Thank you for making me proud of such a great rope"

on 5/4/2016 11:27:25 AM

Write your review here: I would like to tell you of my experience with your company via your website. I wanted to offer my granddaughter something to look forward to in spring. At the time it was the dead of winter. The Time change had cut her playtime with her friends down to only a few minutes. She and I were both feeling sorta down and out. Her mother,my daughter, sent me a video while she was watching, Leni, my granddaughter, at gymnastics. To our surprise and of course joy, our little climber, took the lead in class, by being the fastest to climb up the rope. She didn't just climb the rope she moved like lightening to the top of the gym. Other parents and family were there to watch their child or grandchild, and they began watching our Leni and cheering her on. I'm sure that is part of her making it to the top. So on that cold dark day I offered to have a spring day event with her and her three best friends, at our house 45 minutes away. We have 2 acres with a creek and woods so it's different than in the city where she lives. Of course she wanted to know if we could have a rope to climb. Not knowing what I was getting into I of course said yes. I thought I could run up to the store somewhere and get a piece of rope. Well knowing anything about rope climbing eventually sent me on a quest. I can't tell you how much time I spent looking for rope and realizing I had to learn about it online. I read blogs and researched about types of rope and finally read a blog with a mention of KnotandRope. I spend a while reading all I could on your website and finally found what seemed was the best rope. I ordered pro manila,hoping it would not be as rough on little hands. I ordered 15' and took your suggestion to have the ends wrapped. When the rope arrived I took it with me to my daughter's that day. It came packaged in a substantial box and inside it turns out, was the perfect rope. When she opened the box , she wasn't interested in opening, she looked at me and hugged me. She told her dad to come look and I think he was more excited. He also looked at me surprised I bought such an excellent professional rope. I was proud of me. He took the rope out and we headed outside where he threw it over a limb. He then tied a big knot and threw it again even higher in the tree. He felt it and admired it's strength and quality. I was impressed with his ability to throw the heavy rope and slip it two limbs. He pulled it and made sure it was tight and we both stood right there and watched as Leni climbed to what was the top of the tree. It was a special moment. Thank you KnotandRope for having such a great website and such wonderful products. I would never have had that moment without you. Oh, I will be bringing the rope home and having 4 wild kids here on a Saturday in May. Leni and I made it past winter and are so looking forward to a special day when she can show her friends our little world we call Sunshine Creek. Warm regards Sammie.

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What are you using this item for? My granddaughter to climb