Manila Rope

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Manila rope is a classic. This rope is a long time favorite for a large variety of uses. Typical applications include:
Manila Rope
  • Tug of War games
  • Exercise climbing rope
  • Camp craft and hobby use
  • Landscaping and decoration
  • Rope swings
  • General purpose farm work
  • Commonly referred to as "Hemp" or "Jute" rope
To protect your rope and make it work better for you, consider our eye splicing and end whipping.
Manila is one of the most popular ropes for landscaping use. This rope shrinks 10 - 15% when it gets wet, so if you plan on using this outside be sure to factor that in.

Manila vs ProManila
Here is a video that goes through some of the benefits and disadvantages of manila rope and also shows an alternative to the natural manila, which is our pro-manila rope.
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Description Price Qty/Ft

1/4" Manila

500 lb break strength, good for light duty work and crafts.

5/16" Manila

700 lb. break strength. Good for light duty tasks.

 3/8" Manila

1,200 LB. Breaking Strength.

1/2" Manila

2,300 LB. Breaking Strength

5/8" Manila

3,900 LB. Breaking Strength

3/4" Manila

4,800 LB. Breaking Strength

1" Manila

8,100 LB. Breaking Strength

1 1/4" Manila

12,000 LB. Breaking Strength

1 1/2" Manila

16,000 LB. Breaking Strength

2" Manila

27,000 LB. Breaking Strength