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Knot & Rope Supply is pleased to offer Cotton 3 Strand rope and Cotton Solid Braid rope.

This rope is made from very high quality cotton yarns 100% through giving this rope a creamy white color. The result is a very soft rope with excellent feel.

Cotton rope is by no means the strongest rope available. If strength is a primary concern, check out our nylon ropes, they are much stronger for many purposes. However, this cotton rope is an excellent product if it suits your application.

Typical uses:

  • Crafts
  • Decorative projects
  • Pet toys
  • Decorative knot work

Please be aware that our 3 strand 100% cotton rope is true to diameter while on the spools in our shop. However, when the rope for your order is cut to length and shipped, the fibers may expand. It's not uncommon for our 3 strand cotton ropes to increase almost a whole size in diameter. When the ropes increase in diameter, they will also shrink in length. Please take care to order cut-to-length ropes a little longer than you will require. This  occurs because we offer a 100% cotton rope product with no fillers. If your rope application is dependent on a certain diameter, please consider ordering a smaller size than is needed.

Cotton rope is sold by the foot.

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3 Strand Cotton

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Solid Braid Cotton

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Description Price Qty/Ft

3/16" 3 Strand Cotton

319 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength. Like all the cotton ropes, this is sold by the foot.

1/4" 3 Strand Cotton

400 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

3/8" 3 Strand Cotton

1,125 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

1/2" 3 Strand Cotton

1,500 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

5/8" 3 Strand Cotton

1,950 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

3/4" 3 Strand Cotton

2,600 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

1" 3 Strand Cotton

3,000 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

1 1/2" 3 Strand Cotton

10,000 LB. Avg. Tensile Strength.

1/8" X 1,200' 3 Strand Cotton

Small diameter cotton sold per spool

Ball of 3/32" Cotton Twine

3/32" 3 Strand Cotton, perfect for use around the house.
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