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6mm Single Strand Cotton x 1500 ft.
6mm Single Strand Cotton x 1500 ft.

6mm Single Strand Cotton x 1500 ft.

SKU: 3356
Weight: 9 lbs
DescriptionPremium 100% cotton fiber available in a single strand
Product Details

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the introduction of the single strand cotton product to our cotton rope selection. 

Premium 100% cotton fiber in a single strand. No longer will you have the task of untwisting 3 strand rope before starting on your macrame or other craft project. Get to work right away with 1500 feet of 6mm cotton wrapped onto a cardboard tube.


As a note of courtesy, because of the rather loose nature of the rope strands, this rope might measure a touch bigger or smaller than 6MM depending on the tension applied to the rope. This is totally normal and shoudn't be considered a defect.


If you already purchase your 3 strand cotton from Knot & Rope Supply, this will look familiar. This product is used in one of the stages of production for the 3 strand cotton rope we sell.