Endura Braid Dyneema

SKU: 2019-2
Weight: 0.04 lb


12 strand Dyneema® core with braided Polyester cover

Rope Construction:
Endura Braid has a specially engineered 12-strand Dyneema® core, with Marine-Tech coating, and a 24 carrier braided polyester cover. Size for size, this rope outperforms any other UHMWPE line! Very high strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch, low creep and outstanding durability. Coated braided core is ideal for durable, tapered sheets and halyards.

This rope does have a braided polyester cover that provides abrasion resistance and UV protection to the core.

We can splice a loop on the end of this rope using a Class II splice which maintains about 90% of the breaking strength of this rope.

Typical Uses For This Rope:

  • Sailing Running Rigging (sheets, halyards, guys, topping lifts, reef lines, low stretch control lines, etc.)
  • Equestrian Use (lead lines, halters)
  • Electrical Pulling
  • Awning & Umbrellas

Strength & Details

Polyester over Dyneema®

Color Choices:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White with Blue Tracer
  • White with Red Tracer
  • White with Green Tracer
  • Vintage Tan

Average Tensile Strength:

  • 6MM - 4,500lbs.
  • 8MM - 8,100lbs.
  • 10MM - 11,000lbs.
  • 11MM - 14,900lbs.
  • 12MM - 21,500lbs.


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