3/8" 3 Strand Bull Rope

SKU: 5000
Weight: 0.05 lb


This is a polyester three strand rope coated with a special coating for abrasion resistance. 
      • 3/8 diameter
      • Easy to splice
      • Firm construction, not limp and floppy
      • 3.400 lb. average break strength
      • 7% Elongation at 30% Avg. break strength.
      • Manly pink color that is easy to see
Typically you would find this rope used by arborist for tree rigging use, although it can be commonly found in any industrial application where an affordable and durable twisted rope is needed. As a general use "all around use" rope this one (and the other sizes we offer) is tough to beat. You will also find that this rope has quite a bit of stretch in it due to the three strand construction. This may or may not be a problem for your application, be sure to understand the unique situation of your rope need with this product before considering if it is the correct item for you. One inherent characteristic of this rope is the fact that it is a "rotational" rope. This means that if a load is lifted or lowered with this rope the item being suspended will have a tendency to rotate/twist. This might be something to be aware of if you plan on attaching a heavy item to the end of this to lift or lower. Adequate clearance needs to be in place in order not to damage life, limb or property. While this is a great rope for the money, if you need something with the same ability but in a much stronger construction, you can check out our BRAIDED BULL ROPES.


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