1/4 Bull Rope

SKU: 0823
Weight: 15.0 lb


Very popular rope for rigging, pulling and tree removal.

This is a pro grade rope that is very durable and easy to tie knots in. If you want an eye splice put on one or both ends of this rope our splicing shop will be happy to do that for you. This is a double braid composite rope. The outside jacket is polyester and the inner cord is nylon. The bull rope gets it's color due to a urethane coating that is applied to the outside jacket of the rope. This gives it great wear resistance in the most rugged applications.

AS A COURTESY NOTE...This rope does not come spliced on each end. Our on site splicing department would be happy to splice a loop on the end or ends of this rope for you. For more info on how to order to order the splices click here.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 2,400lbs
Spool Size = 600ft.
Diameter = 1/4"

This product is priced and sold by the spool only. Enter the number of spools you wish to purchase in the qty. field and then "Add to cart".


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