Dinghy Control Line

SKU: 2021-1
Weight: 0.01 lb


This rope has a braided polyester cover over a braided Dyneema® core.

Rope Construction:
Combining high strength, low stretch and light weight, Dinghy Control Line is ideal for main and jib halyards and downhaul/outhaul control lines. The braided polyester cover gives comfortable handling and the braided Dyneema® SK-78 core provides strength. Each fiber in the core is impregnated with Robline's unique S.Y.I.S. treatment for improved core-to-cover grip. The cover can be stripped to save weight and decrease the diameter.

Typical Uses For This Rope:

  • Sailing Running Rigging (main and jib halyards and downhaul/outhaul control lines, etc.)
  • Equestrian Use (lead lines, halters)
  • Electrical Pulling
  • Awning & Umbrellas

Strength & Details

Polyester over Dyneema®

Color Choices:

  • Green Fleck
  • Red Fleck
  • Purple Fleck
  • Orange Fleck
  • Navy Blue Fleck

Average Tensile Strength:

  • 3MM - 990lbs.
  • 4MM - 1,540lbs.
  • 5MM - 2,640lbs.
  • 6MM - 3,630lbs.