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The company you have known for premium static and dynamic mountain and gym ropes has been hard at work developing some fantastic arborist ropes.

  • 7/16" diameter
  • Polyester jacket
  • 2nd interior cord that helps keep this rope round when climbing.
  • 24 strand construction
  • Hand splicable (either by your own skilled splicer or here in our splicing department)

This is a pretty new rope from Sterling Rope that competes in the field of 24 strand arborist ropes. When it comes to braided climbing ropes, Sterling knows what they are doing! The cool thing about this rope is that it really has more of the characteristics of a static rope than something that would be considered "bouncy"

So consider this if you like ropes like Vortex or Rocket Line (other rather "non-stretchy" ropes). If you climb using SRT methods, or want a great lanyard rope, then you really can't beat this product.

Rope Specifications

Strand Count: 24 Strands
Color: Orange, Blue & White
Diameter: 11mm (7/16")
Weight: 5.8 lbs per 100ft
Tensile Strength: 5,912 lbs (2,682 kg)
Fiber: Polyester/Nylon


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