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Custom Rope Ladder

SKU: 2050
Weight: 4.86 lb
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Original price $218.30 - Original price $456.80
Original price $218.30
$218.30 - $456.80
Current price $218.30
Length: 6 feet

For everyone who has wanted us to make rope ladders...Your wait is over.

These are by far the finest rope ladders on the market today. Nothing has been skimped here in construction or quality on these ladders.

Please note: carabiners and nylon webbing pictured are NOT included in price of ladder. These links will take you directly to those products for sale: Carabiner  |  Nylon Webbing

The top ends are spliced with thimbles for long life and safety at your attachment point. The rope itself is a double braid polyester, extremely tough and durable for the outdoors or indoors.

Rope Ladder

The wooden rungs are drilled, countersunk and attached through the rung/rope and rung again so you get the strongest connection possible. Our video states that these are oak rungs, but we have now switched to an even stronger ASH wood for these rungs! The width of these rungs have an overall measurement of 15.25" the ropes are set at 12" apart. We space each rung 12" apart from each other.

Rope Ladder

These ladders are rated for one 250 lbs. person per ladder length. This weight maintains an acceptable safety margin of strength for this product. DO NOT EXCEED THIS WEIGHT ON THE LADDER FOR YOUR OWN WELL-BEING!!!

We make these to order in various lengths as shown above. If you have a custom length or need another color feel free to give us a call at (419) 873-8300 for your individual quote for a unique ladder for your needs.