Sta-Set Sailing Line

SKU: 2004-1
Weight: 0.07 lb


Looking for the classic low cost running rigging? You found it here. Sta-Set has been used on more sailboats than probably any other line. This product is also becoming popular for equestrian use as well.

Rope Construction:
This is a polyester braided jacket with a braided polyester core. Sta-Set can be spliced using a Class I (Double Braid) splice.

Sometimes you just need some classic and dependable running rigging without spending a ton. Sta-Set is a classic rope. This one isn't the strongest rope (see avg. break strengths below) we carry, but for the money it is a tough one to beat.

Great abrasion resistance, very good UV resistance and remains soft and supple even after lots and lots of use.

Typical Uses For This Rope:

  • Sailing Running Rigging (mainsheet, jib lines, halyards, etc.)
  • Equestrian Use (lead lines, halters)
  • Electrical Pulling
  • Awning & Umbrellas

Strength & Details

Polyester over polyester

Color Choices:

  • White w/Small Red Tracer
  • White w/Green Trace
  • White w/Blue Tracer
  • White w/Red Tracer
  • Green w/White & Red Tracer
  • Blue w/White & Red Tracer
  • Red w/White & Red Tracer
  • Black w/White & Red Tracer

Average Tensile Strength:

  • 3/16 Dia. - 1,400lbs.
  • 1/4 Dia. - 2,350lbs.
  • 5/16 Dia. - 3,850lbs.
  • 3/8 Dia. - 5,100lbs.
  • 7/16 Dia. - 7,000lbs.
  • 1/2 Dia. - 10,100lbs.