16 Strand Arborist Splicing Wand - Small Diameter

SKU: 0914-1
Weight: 0.69 lb


This is the best splicing wand for 16 strand splicing (1/2" and smaller double braid nylon as well). You can bury the cover in the tail in one step with this tool, and then switch to the small or micro wand to do the cross over. This wand is also great for double braid large eye splices.

The process involved in splicing Braided and High Modulus (aka Parallel-Core) Rope can be a daunting, frustrating task if you are using conventional tools and instructions. That's why the Splicing Wand was invented. It's a tool that makes quick and easy work of tucking.

The Splicing Wand is basically a long tube containing a hidden snare. You slide the tool into the rope, grab the end you want to tuck, and slide the tool out. There's a specially shaped tip on the tube to keep you from snagging yarns along the way as well as an ingenious mechanism in the handle to hold the tube in place while you work. You can clamp the tool in a vise if you want, leaving both hands free to deal with the rope. There's no taping or un-taping, no fid lengths to decipher, and very little physical effort needed to tuck.

For professionals it's the tool of choice.

Download the instructional PDF here.


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