3/16" Wire Core Solid Braid Polyester White - 1000' Spool

SKU: 2400
Weight: 25.0 lb


A braided polyester jacket over galvanized steel cable provides a strong and soft feel line perfect for flagpole halyards. The polyester jacket gives this rope a soft hand while the wire core offers a strong, tamper-proof way to secure your flags. This line will save you money down the line, lasting longer than your typical solid braid nylon ropes.

Diameter Spool Length Breaking Strength
3/16" 1,000' 1,200 lbs.
1/4" 1,000' 1,900 lbs.
5/16" 500' 2,200 lbs.
3/8" 500' 3,800 lbs.
1/2" 500' 4,900 lbs.

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