3/8" Tenex-Tec x 140'

Weight: 7.0 lb
Sold out


A high strength / low stretch single braid polyester rope specifically designed with two ends per carrier to allow higher production splicing for standard slings and Whoopie Slings. This design also allows more rope surface conformance to objects being lifted than standard single braid constructions. Tenex-TEC is Samthane coated to enhance the products wear life.

  • Very easy to splice with a Class 1 - 12 Strand splice
  • Very good snag resistance
  • Great gripping characteristics, ideal for winches.

Our standard stocking color policy is to have each diameter of Tenex in its own unique color. Depending on production and inventory the colors might be different from order to order. If you have a specific color of Tenex that you need give us a call at the shop (419) 873-8300 and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Elastic Elongation

Elastic Elongation figures:

  • 10% of Breaking strength: 1.4% Stretch
  • 20% of Breaking strength: 2.3% Stretch
  • 30% of Breaking strength: 3% Stretch

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 6,100lbs
Spool Size = 600ft.
Diameter = 3/8"


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