Bee Line 5/16

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Weight: 0.0 lb


Bee Line 8mm is a very cool product. The cover is 75% Technora & 25% Polyester. The core is 100% Vectran.

This rope is awesome for split tails. It can be used with a splice or a fishermans knot.

Very popular and long lasting prusik cord made by Yale Cordage. The guys that use this cord swear by it!

  • 75% Technora and 25% Polyester jacket
  • 100% Vectran cord
  • Can be easily spliced using a core dependent splice
  • 8,000 pound break strength

Rope Specifications

Color: Tan & Black
Diameter: 8mm (5/16")
Weight: 3.7lbs per 100ft.
Tensile Strength: 8,000lbs (3,628kg)
Fiber: Technora / Polyester over Vectran


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