Black Jack Climbing Saddle

SKU: 5030
Weight: 5.0 lb


This is a climbing saddle used exclusively for arborist climbing. This harness is unique, and in our opinion, one of the best out there for either professional or recreational tree climbing.

  • Rope Bridge with stitched eyes
  • Comfortable leg straps with easy adjustment
  • Infinite adjustment on the waist belt for the perfect fit
  • Solid "D" attachments on each side for a lanyard
  • Loops on the back for storage of extra carabiners, prussik cord, etc.

This saddle comes in three sizes so you can get the right one for you:

  • Small fits waist size up to 30"
  • Medium fits waist size 32" - 36" 
  • Large fits waist size 38" and up

You really can't go wrong with this saddle. In our opinion it really finds that sweet spot in saddles... it isn't too complicated or stripped down with no features or padding.

This saddle can be used with either Single Rope Technique "SRT" or Double Rope Technique "DRT"

The climbing saddle is probably one of the most important pieces of safety gear that an arborist can have. Climb in a bad one for a day and you will see what we mean. Having a saddle that fits well and isn't to heavy or cumbersome makes a huge difference in being comfortable in the tree, and being comfortable helps you be confident and confidence is an important step for being safe.

Sizing & Specifications


  • S: Waist = up to 30in.
  • M: Waist = 32in. - 36in.
  • L: Waist = 38in. and up


  • Approx. 4.7lbs


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