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Easy Move Fall Arrester

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Weight: 0.53 lb
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The new micro Easy Move is the evolution of the Stop & Go device created by Climbing Technology more than 20 years ago.

The new micro Easy Move is the evolution of the Stop&Go device created by our company more than 20 years ago. The device, in those days, had unique features. Now, with the implementation of the latest manufacturing technologies, it has been possible to miniaturize the original slightly bulky device and enhance is performance and aesthetics.

  • Multifunction device:
    • EN 353 guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line
    • EN 358 work positioning device
    • EN 12841:2006-A/B rope access systems:
      safety line adjustment device (Type A)
      working line ascender (Type B).
  • Weightless and handy to carry and to work.
  • It can be manually stopped on the rope.
  • Developed to grip also on dirty or icy ropes.
  • To be used with 11mm (7/16") ropes.

Here are the manufacturer instructions on how to use this device.

Important Recall Information:

There has been a recall on two batches of the Easy Move Fall Arrester issued by the manufacturer. This recall affect batches 0120 & 0220. More information can be found HERE. If you have a product that was manufactured and stamped with one of these two batch numbers, please contact us for further instruction.