Medium Better Bag - Red

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So...What makes these soooo much better than the already awesome rope bags?

We take a great thing and add in a few extra benefits that some of you have been asking for...

  • Padded shoulder sling that can be removed.
  • Extra pockets on the outside perimeter for carabiners, saw wrench, etc.

Otherwise these are the same bags as the "regular bags", just with some added features.

These bags are hand made right here in the U.S.A. Quite simply, you can't get a better and tougher rope bag anywhere!

Since most of us here at Knot & Rope are climbers we have been using rope bags for ages. We have used them all, some good, and some...pretty lame. A few years ago we came across the New Tribe rope bags and knew we finally found the best bags out there.

One look at these and you will know that they are made with care. The thick handles, stitched webbing around the lip of the bag and attention to detail prove you own a bag that will be around for the long haul.

Let's get one thing clear on these bags, they are not the cheapest ones that you can find. If you need a cheap rope bag let the other wanna-be companies import those from China. If you are looking for a rope bag that will last and last then look no further than these bags from New Tribe. After all, if you buy a cheap bag that wears out fast, and then you need to buy another much are you really saving?

Rope bags are the perfect solution to storing braided rope. All you need to do is take the tail end of your rope, put it in the bag and start stuffing the rest in after it. When you are ready to get the rope out all you need to do is grab the tail end sticking out and you are good to go.

Dimensions & Specs

Bag Dimensions:

  • 12" w x 119" h
  • 1000 denier nylon canvas
  • One zinc ring on the top and drawstring top enclosure.
  • Solid construction, very tough and built to last!

Will Accommodate:

  • 7/16" x 150' (or less)
  • 1/2" x 150' (or less)


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