Oar Hanger Set

SKU: S0145
Weight: 4.0 lb


Yea, I know... what are these!

Well... we actually do a few of these every year believe it or not.

This is a pair of oar hangers. They hang an oar in a decorative manner.

These will look great at your clubhouse, summer home, bar, etc. where you have a decorative oar to hang. The craftsmanship on these is perfect. The manrope knot on the ends, the turks head wrapping and the splice are all old world craftsmanship that you can't find these days.

There is a piece of decorative hardware on the end that will attach to the wall to hang these. All you need to do is slide the oar in and poof.. you are looking at a sweet oar on the wall in your place.


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