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Right Foot Ascender

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Wear on your right boot to mechanically grab onto climbing rope and climb up!

This simple but effective device is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread... well greatest climbing inventions at least...

Basically this is a foot ascender, it attaches to your boot (don't try them with flip flops or tennis shoes) and you open up the gate and insert your climbing rope. The tooth design allows one way vertical travel of the rope. When worn on your boot it allows you to use your leg muscles to help climb up the rope.

The foot ascender must be used in conjunction with a climbing system that contains a personal fall protection harness of some sort (wither full body or combination of waist or chest harness).

You will see these used all the time in caving climbing and they are becoming more and more popular with arborist climbing as well.

We stock these in left hand models AND right hand models as well.

This particular model is unique compared to similar ones from Petzel in the fact that the toothed cam has to be manually triggered open in order to release the rope. If you have ever climbed on the Petzel version you will know what we are talking about here... For those of you who aren't familiar with this, basically, the Petzel foot ascender can have the rope pop out unexpectedly if you don't have a precise downward step motion each and every time. Meaning, if your leg doesn't kick directly down, your rope can slip out and you have to reach down and re-attach it to the foot ascender. With this foot ascender by Climbing Technologies you WILL NOT have this problem. The rope stays in place until you trigger the release mechanism and pop the rope out.