5mm Reflective Cord - Black

SKU: 0690
Weight: 0.01 lb


5mm Diameter black nylon cord with one reflective tracer line running through it.

This is truly a unique product that we offer in different sizes for various requirements. During daylight this appears to be a standard accessory cord, however in low light or dark conditions this cord shines brightly when flashed by a light source.

Perfect for many of the following applications:

  • Tent guy lines
  • Lanyards for small electronics
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Marking of wooded trails at night
  • General purpose tie down where easy identification is needed at night
  • Military or special ops missions

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 1,000lbs
Spool Sizes = 200m (656ft.)
Diameter = 5mm

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