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Know Your Rope

The improper use of rope may be dangerous!

Rope is one of the oldest and most used tools known to mankind. Every day our rope gets shipped all over the USA and Canada to be used in an amazing variety of applications. One thing we take very seriously is the safe use of rope for those applications that involve lifting, pulling, towing or, most important, human support.

Please keep the following in mind....

  • Do not overload rope
  • Avoid shock loading rope whenever possible
  • Do not use rope in applications beyond the heat rating of the rope
  • Be sure to use the correct size rope for the job
  • Avoid any area around the linear length of loaded rope
  • Keep rope away from all chemicals to prolong safe working life
  • It is the user's responsibility to use rope in a safe manner!!!

Important Information on Rope

Due to variations in rope applications, rope conditions, environmental factors and the degree of risk to life or property damage, it is not realistic to make specific recommendations as to the exact loads any given rope can handle.

It is the users' responsibility to completely understand the safe use and operation of a rope used for any specific or general task. The user needs to be aware of all environmental, load or other variable factors that affect the safe use of rope. Failure to do so can cause severe personal injury or death as well as property and/or environmental damage. The user of this rope assumes all such risks.

In addition, any safety training or skill training required for the safe use of rope in any capacity is the sole responsibility of the user. Keep reading below and thoroughly to understand....