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Retail Design and Exhibit

Knot & Rope Supply is an established and well known supplier for the retail industry. We have worked on numerous seasonal campaigns with various national retailers, each time delivering a product tailored to their needs and delivered on time.

We've also gained recognition with architectural and design firms - large and small - all over the country. We collaborate with these companies to help with applications for rope that are not always common and sometimes never seen before in a design project.

Knot & Rope Supply has also worked with various artists and art houses providing the necessary materials to bring inspiration to life.

Our quality work, on-time delivery and commitment to the task makes us the national leader in supplying rope for retail store decoration and other design specific tasks.

We have the ability to provide cut-to-length ropes, dyed ropes and fire retardant ropes.

No matter whether you have one store or hundreds, if you have a small museum display or huge installation, we have done it all. Even if you're unsure about exactly what you want, we can assist with cost effective and beautiful solutions for your job.