On Location Rope Splicing

Our rope shop is busy every day making rope and spliced assemblies that ship all over the country for our customers. In many of these instances the rope can be worked on at our shop and installed on location. Sometimes however, the rope just has to be spliced, cut or installed onsite. If you need rope work done at your location the professionals at Knot & Rope Supply can help.

Our rope splicers and rope craftsmen are experienced at doing onsite work for challenging rope work projects all over the country.

Samples of this type of work would include:

  • Fabricating spliced rope attaching directly to a building
  • Spliced line for harbor anchors and mooring lines
  • Rope installation for restaurants and retail locations
  • Rope splicing and upgrade of running rigging for sailboats
  • Landscape rope installation in posts or other architectural features

Our staff is ready to come to your jobsite to ensure a professional and quick install of rope for your project.

Contact us here at (419) 873-8300 for more information or e-mail at john@knotandrope.com We can discuss your project and determine if onsite work is needed or not.