New England Tech Cord 5mm

SKU: 0610
Weight: 0.02 lb


This is a 5mm diameter cord with a smooth polyester cover and a 100% Technora core. VERY STRONG for it's size. The avg. break strength is a touch over 4,700 lbs!

This is the cord of a hundred uses. Because it is so strong it is perfect for the following applications:

  • Emergency rapelling
  • Mini prusik to attach a lanyard to (arborists are familiar with this)
  • Sling chocks and hexes

Because this rope is made from technora, it is very difficult to cut with normal steel scissors. A ceramic knife or specialty shears are pretty much the only thing that will cut this rope.

Rope Specifications

Color: Multi
Diameter: 5mm (3/16")
Weight: 1.57lbs per 100ft.
Tensile Strength: 4,700lbs (2,132kg)
Fiber: Polyester over Polyester


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