1 1/2" Rope Snap

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Weight: 0.75 lb


An alternative to using an open hook on the end of your rope.

These rope snap hooks are the answer to a lot of people who have been asking for a quick attach & detach end for 1 1/2" diameter rope.

The rope snap hooks are so simple to add to the end of any 1 1/2" diameter rope. Simply tape up the end of the rope securely and insert into the end cap of this hook. Next, use the included full length set screw to secure the rope to the rope hook...and you are done.

Perfect for:

Using these is incredibly easy... Simply take a section of 1 1/2" rope, tape the end securely (electrical tape works best) and place it in the hollow end of this attachment. The included set screw can then be screwed down into the rope to complete the process.

These snaps are really designed for indoor use. The spring in the snap portion is steel, and will rust if left outside for extended periods of time. Periodic lubrication of the spring area with an oil based material will help prevent this however if you do  need to use the snap outdoors.


Under no circumstances ever, for any reason, at any time, by anybody, should these be used to make an attachment for a climbing rope!

They are absolutely NOT safe for that activity and you can get hurt or killed.

If you want a very secure rope end on 1 1/2 rope for exercise work (like rope climbing) we can put a loop on the end of the rope. Click here to find out more.


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