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Rope Hook Attachment

SKU: 8887
Weight: 0.18 lb
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Color: Chrome
Quantity: Each

Whether you use an open hook or a snap hook, both will attach to this ring.

This is the mounted ring where the rope hook attaches.

A cool thing about this piece is that the actual ring can be rotated 180 degrees by loosening a screw in the back, moving the ring to orient vertically, horizontally, or any point in between and re-tightening the screw.

The inside diameter of the ring is 3/4". The plate is approximately 1 1/4" x 2".

Also included with this part are the flat head wood screws needed to attach it to a wooden post.



Under no circumstances ever, for any reason, at any time, by anybody, should these be used to make an attachment for a climbing rope!

They are absolutely NOT safe for that activity and you can get hurt or killed.