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Rope Wrench with Tether

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A simple tool allows a climber to ascend, descend AND work a single rope very quickly.

This weird looking tool is really a very unique game changer for any arborist that works in the tree.

Basically this simple tool allows a climber to ascend, descend AND work a single rope very quickly. The design of the tool allows the climber to use a standard prusik friction hitch on single rope. Normally if you tried to do that your weight would put so much force on the prusik knot that it would lock up and wouldn't budge. The solution to that is to have some way to take SOME of your weight off the rope, not all the weight, but just enough to allow the knot to move. Well this tool allows the PERFECT amount of weight to be taken off the line so that you can move around without problem.

Now..... here is the deal with this item.... It really takes some training on how to use it. It is designed exclusively for 7/16 or 1/2 arborist climbing rope and that is it. You also need a foot ascender and some sort of chest harness to climb with this, so the setup is a bit more advanced than most other "basic" tree climbing methods. The payoff for all the extra work? Climbing becomes much, much, much easier in the tree!

The rope wrench was developed by our friend, and award-winning professional tree climber Kevin Bingham in Detroit Mich. The version you see here is actually a massively improved version of the original idea that he developed about 5 years ago. Believe us, this new design is a million times better than previous versions!

So with that said.... here is the warning you would expect to see on something like this:


The Rope Wrench is a highly technical tool that REQUIRES specific training and understanding that this device is used for very risky activities that could result in personal injury or death as well as property damage. Do not order or use this item unless you have or intend to get this training.