2" Polyester Combo - White

SKU: 3289-1
Weight: 1.0 lb


This is one of the more popular ropes we sell.

Basically this rope is a three strand rope with polyester as the outer strands and polypropylene fibers making up the inner core part of the strand.

By doing this you get a rope with all the benefits of polyester on the outside, but without the expense of having a 100% polyester rope. This rope won't shrink when it gets wet so it is perfect for outdoor landscape applications where you want a classic looking three strand rope.

This rope isn't as heavy as manila or nylon, so if you want the heaviest rope you can get for exercise, then go with manila or nylon, otherwise this makes a great alternative.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 62,000lbs
Spool Sizes = 600ft.


Polyester Combo Rope.


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