3/8" x 100 ft Hank of Braided Polypropylene

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100ft. Hanks of 3/8" Braided Rope.

Knot & Rope is known for the high-quality ropes we sell. You can be assured that any of the ropes you get from us are some of the best made ropes you can get.

This particular item...is a pretty good rope...

Here is what we mean:

Right from the get go, we will be the first to say that this rope is nowhere near the strongest rope you can buy. Far from it! This rope is a braided polypropylene cover with a filler core of polyester tape. And the best part, IT'S CHEAP!!

Our braided MFP hank is pretty easy to work with, it is easy to cut and easy to tie knots in.
So, who in the world would want this? What is it appropriate for?

  • Light duty tie down
  • Hobby & craft work
  • Art projects
  • Knot tying practice
  • Retail displays and anywhere you might need a rope that looks like a rock climbing rope but for a fraction of the money

This rope is 3/8" in diameter and comes in a 100ft. hank. These hanks come in 4 different colors. No choices on the color, what gets shipped - gets shipped, luck of the draw. However, if you are a production designer and need bulk of this product, call us at 419-873-8300 and we can do a production run in a custom color for you.

Please note: If you need a rope for rock climbing, sailing running rigging, lifting/pulling or anything else where strength is critical, please do not use this rope. It isn't strong enough and you are likely to get really hurt or die.

Strength & Hank Sizes

Working Load = 140lbs
Hank Sizes = 100ft.

This product is priced and sold by the 100ft. hank. Just enter the number of hanks you wish to purchase in the qty. field

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