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Solid Braid MFP With Wire Core

Solid Braid MFP With Wire Core

Wire core MFP flagpole rope.

A braided polpropylene jacket over 3/32" galvanized steel cable provides a strong and soft feel line perfect for flagpole halyards. The MFP (solid braid polypropylene) jacket gives this rope a soft hand while the wire core offers a strong, tamper-proof way to secure your flags. This line will save you money down the line.

If you're looking for a halyard that will withstand UV rays better than polypropylene, be sure to check out our Polyester w/Wire Core.

Polyester w/Wire Core
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    Original price $160.00
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    3/8" Wire Core MFP

    This Wire Core MFP rope provides a combination of strength and flexibility. The construction of solid braid polypropylene with a steel wire core ma...

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