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Throw Bags

Throw Bags


  • Weaver Leather's high quality throw weights will help you get your climbing line into the tree so you can start your work.
  • The moving action of the #8 shot that fills the Cordura weight helps prevent them from hanging up in tree branches.
  • The coated lead shot is contained in a latex pouch for environmental protection.
  • A 7/8" nickel plated ring for attachment of your throwing line is box-stitched to each weight.
  • This ring is also large enough to prevent pass through on a ring style cambium saver.
  • The weight is screen printed on each throw weight for easy identification.
  • Bullet throw weights feature a loop on the bottom for attachment of an accessory carabiner.
  • Original price $23.05 - Original price $23.05
    Original price $23.05
    $23.05 - $23.05
    Current price $23.05

    Bullet Throw Weight

    These are throw bags (aka "throwballs"). If you are an experienced arborist OR recreational tree climber you know all about these things... If you...

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