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Partner - Elsie Goodwin

I am Elsie Goodwin, the working hands behind Reform Fibers. I am a Fiber Artist, Wife and Mother of two girls. I create Macrame Wall Hangings, lead Workshops, write DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Patterns and love to encourage the creative community.

I have ordered rope from Knot and Rope Supply for a few years now and I am frequently asked by customers where I purchase my rope, so I asked Knot and Rope if we could create a page showing the rope that I use most often and here you are.

The rope I use ranges in sizes from 1/8th inch to 1/2 inch with the larger projects using the thicker rope and vice versa. I prefer 100% cotton rope because I am able to Hand Dye it.

I love Knot & Rope because you are able to order rope by the foot and I have also found that they have outstanding quality and customer service, which is of upmost importance to me.

You can scroll through some of my work to the right and check out the rope below.

Enjoy your creative process.