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Rope Ambassador - Peg & Awl

We are husband and wife with two boys—Søren and Silas, a 4 legged girl called Pearl, lots of chickens and guineas, and 2 snakes. Margaux and I started Peg and Awl 11 years ago in our Philadelphia row home when Søren was two and Silas was still in Margaux's belly. It began without a vision – just an affection for making things we felt were missing in the world. First we made things for ourselves, and now we make them for everyone. We've since expanded out of our house and into our own building in Philadelphia on an acre of land shared with our team and plants and bees! We love adventures and discoveries and never stop making new things as a result.

Favorite Products


This demonstrations shows you how to install your Peg and Awl tree swing!