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Rope Pro - Melissa Erickson

Melissa 'Crafty Ginger' Skelton

Melissa Erickson - "Crafty Ginger"

I'm Melissa, also known as the Crafty Ginger, and I enjoy crafting textile arts (macramé, knitting, weaving, punch needle, and crochet). My macramé obsession began in 2013 when "The Hunger Games - Catching Fire" movie came out. The main character, Katniss, wore a cape that was constructed with macramé knots and knitting by artist Maria Dora. I messaged Maria Dora and asked her if she would make me a cowl. Though it took several months, she did. And when I received it, I studied it for clues on the construction, wore it, and still treasure it today. I also wrote a crochet pattern for the cowl.

In early 2014, I took a class taught by Emily Katz in Portland and have since learned from expert artist Natalie Miller in New York (my favorite textile artist). I prefer making home décor pieces that are easy to make, yet beautiful and make a big impact. My crafting journey has taken me to Squam Lake for the Squam Art Workshops event, Hong Kong, Portland, and New York thus far. I have future plans to attend many more classes around the world. For now, as a mom of two young children, I will continue to create in my craft room and produce YouTube videos with the help of my husband. Happy crafting!


6mm Single Strand Cotton

Starting at: $67.79/spool

1/8" 3-Strand Cotton

Starting at: $72.00/spool

3/16" 3 Strand Cotton

Starting at: $0.07/ft.

3/8" 3 Strand Cotton

Starting at: $0.26/ft.

Here are just a couple of Melissa's videos. You can see more of her wonderful tutorials on her YouTube Channel - Crafty Ginger.