Rope Pros

Become a Rope Pro

We are delighted to announce our new "Rope Pro" sponsorship program. This program is designed to help inspire our customers on the different applications that they can use our rope to make their masterpiece, and what better way to do that then to learn from our experienced customers who use our products routinely.

Being selected as a "Rope Pro" for Knot & Rope Supply, you will be rewarded with many benefits including photos/videos of your on our website, being tagged on our social media sites as well as customized discounts. You will also receive your own landing page on our site which will showcase how and where you use our products.

All approved accounts will start off with a status of "Rope Pro". Once your account has achieved the milestone of at least 5 orders of $100 or more from outside sources (your followers and/or customers), you will then be promoted to an "Ambassador" and begin receiving even more benefits.

You'll receive your own personal landing page containing a bio written by you, social media links, photos/videos, products you use, etc.

We will display any photos and/or videos you would like to share. You will receive appropriate credit where applicable.

You will be the first to know of any new products and/or colors we think you would love to try.

We will set up a personalized discount code (based on products you typically buy) to share with your followers, friends, and/or customers.

We will share your photos and/or videos on our social media sites. Based on your "Rope Pro" status, your social media page will be tagged on each post that we share of yours.

You will be contacted by your account representative with an update as to how your account is performing.

You will receive specific product or shipping discounts for your own personal orders. Ambassadors will receive a discount on BOTH.

You will have the opportunity to earn money through our affiliate program.

Be one of the select few to receive FREE samples on new products you would like to see.

What is expected of our Rope Pros & Ambassadors:

As a Rope Pro, you will be expected to...

  • Showcase our products frequently on your platforms during the time frame you are enrolled in the program.
  • Give us any feedback you have about our products.
  • Talk about our products and company in a positive manner on your social media posts, website, videos, etc.
  • Allow us to use photos/videos on our site and social media platforms at any time.

As an Ambassador, you will be expected to follow the same guidelines as the Rope Pros PLUS...

  • Bring in a certain amount of sales for each month you are enrolled in the program as an Ambassador.