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Partner - Taron Parent

Hey there!

I’m Taron Parent, the artist behind Designed to Dream Shop! I live in Asheville NC with my fiancé, Will. I spent my whole life thinking I was going to be a special education teacher, and while I did become that, five years was enough for me!

I started macramé after I bought my condo and was obsessed with decorating it. I kept finding myself pinning macramé wall hangings, but they were way too expensive for a single girl on a teacher’s budget. I come from a crafty family, even though I never really thought I was crafty myself. So, I did the only logical thing I could think of, ordered a spool of string and started watching macramé YouTube videos! It was incredible how quickly this hobby quickly took over my life (and condo), and it became so much more than a hobby! Tying knots became therapeutic and designing patterns became relaxing! I needed that release, particularly when I had such a stressful day job.

Fast forward a few years, and I am now making macramé full time! If I’m not macraming, you can find me shopping at local thrift stores, holding the closest baby, or traveling the world with Will. Connecting with other people in this fiber world is my favorite thing - other artists, people who macramed in the 70s, people decorating their homes, people who want to start macramé, or just people in general!

I love using Knot & Rope Supply 3/16” 3-ply cotton rope for my plant hangers and wall decor! It’s soft and easy to work with and most importantly, it untwists so beautifully. If you’re like me, you may have tried other 3-ply rope that knots and tangles at the ends, I can guarantee that will not be the case with this rope!

Taron Parent