1 1/2" 4-Strand Jute

SKU: 9009
Weight: 0.44 lb


We just started stocking this unique product for customers who are seeking something a little different for interior decor use.

This is an honest to goodness 100% real jute rope. It is a little softer and more supple than manila rope. This is due to the longer cellulose plant fibers that go into making this type of rope.

We wouldn't recommend this rope for outdoor decor and/or landscaping (try the ProManila for that). Nor would we suggest this for exercise climbing. If you need some soft and supple large diameter brown rope for interior decor use then you should check this one out. It really does fit in that sweet spot of a nice organic brown rope without the typical firmness (or smell) of manila.

This is a FOUR STRAND rope as opposed to the three strand ropes (like manila or cotton).

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