1 1/2'' Classic Endcap Bracket

SKU: 8712-40-N
Weight: 2.5 lb


These new Classic Endcap Brackets were developed to incorporate the beautiful design elements of sailing. The post pays tribute to the mast of a sailboat... the base is inspired by the base attachment of a dock cleat. Classic elements of the adventure and beauty of boating that you can now bring into your home, cottage or office.

Just like our Modern Machined Brackets, we worked long and hard on the design and prototypes of these brackets. After numerous designs we found the proportions and style that not only looks great as a rope bracket but is the perfect piece of hardware to showcase the rope it holds.

For the homeowner with a fine property that is looking for a truly nautical styled rope bracket for handrails, this is certainly a piece of hardware to check out. 

These end caps work in conjunction with the CLASSIC ROPE BRACKETS, except that these are used exclusively for the end portions of your rope handrail. They are designed to give a nice finished end for the rope handrail in an easy and low cost way.

The quality of these brackets is top notch, they are solid and hefty. The finish is beautiful and long lasting.

We recommend these brackets interior use. You won't regret having these fantastic pieces of hardware showing off your rope handrail at your place.

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